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A site for Your Pool League. MyPoolScore.com strives to have the most comprehensive pool league software and information on the web.

Powered by our server side database, each Pool League Secretary has individualized, password protected authority for complete control of league data.

Guided by The League Wizard™ your Secretary builds the pool league online with lightning speed and records weekly results in minutes. MyPoolScore™ does the rest.

Result pages are served up for whatever pool league, pool team or pool player the web-surfer chooses.

All of your league statistics are generated on the server side which means you don't upload reports. Enter your weekly results and you're done.

MyPoolScore™ pool league software is ideal for 8-ball, BCA, VNEA or independent leagues.

Today's society wants instant results and the average pool player is no different. Our experience has been that about 45% of your players will lookup results on the Internet. They want to know where they stand, who they play next, who has high points, ERO's, Ten-Zip, prior week standings and so forth. As a player I want to know my pool score. With MyPoolScore™ they have all of this and more 24/7/365.


Email Customer Service. for information about setting up your pool league online.